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Why do I need a positive balance to bid?

A positive balance is required for Sellers and Buyers.

To fully participate in the auction, you must have a positive balance.

The minimum replenishment of the wallet for Ukraine is 100 UAH.

The minimum wallet replenishment for other countries is 1$, 1EUR, 1'zł.

When replenishing the balance of the wallet using the service ""Replenishment of the account with a Visa / MasterCard card"", the minimum replenishment amount will be indicated.

With a zero or negative balance, you will NOT be able to:

- place a bid on a lot;

- put the lot up for sale;

- write a comment to the lot;

- contact the seller or buyer of the lot;

- evaluate the transaction (put a review);

- get feedback from another user.

To access the above features, replenish your wallet.

Read more about tariffs in our section.

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