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How to buy

In order to become a member of VIOLITY as a buyer, you must be a registered user and have a positive balance in your wallet.

It is recommended to study the Rules in detail before starting work.

Site services are paid, more details about tariffs.

In order to find the subject you are interested in, just use the search on the site or go to the appropriate section.


When viewing an interesting lot, the buyer is provided with information about the seller, product, terms of payment and delivery. It is recommended not to make reckless bids before identifying all the characteristics of the selected lot that are interesting to the buyer.

If you are interested in a certain lot while viewing lots, you can follow it using the Selected lots function.

Information about the seller

Each VIOLITY seller has a reputation based on the number and quality of deals. You need to click on the Profile to get the following information about it:

active lots that are currently on sale;

business rating;

reviews of already completed deals.

Trade for a lot

In order to take part in trading for a lot, you need to enter the amount but not less than the current one in the Make a bet field, and click the button of the same name located on the right.

[photo 10]

After confirming your intention to trade, your bid will be taken into account. Also, the buyer has the opportunity to set his own automatic price, using which the system will trade on its own instead of the user up to the price set by him.

[photo 11]

To the right of the end date of the lot, you will see the symbols "+5", "Antisniper". The end of the bidding for the lot will be extended automatically for 5 minutes, which are calculated from the moment of the bid made less than 5 minutes before the end of the bidding. This allows all interested bidders to have time to bid regardless of the quality of the Internet connection, and the seller to get the highest price for his lot.

[photo 12]

Trading for a lot will be extended by 5 minutes an unlimited number of times until a final bid is placed that no one wants to beat.

The buyer can contact the seller only after he wins the auction and the lot is moved to the Purchased section in his personal account. To do this, you need to click on the Chat icon in your office

If during the bidding the buyer has additional questions regarding the lot, he can ask them in the comments.

Payment/delivery of the lot

The seller announces the terms of payment/delivery of the lot when creating it, taking into account the Rules. This information is available to all users.

If you are not satisfied with the terms of payment or delivery of the lot, do not place a bid on the lot until you receive unequivocal positive answers from the seller to all your requests and questions.

Completion of the agreement

After the deal has taken place, it is necessary to assess the quality of the deal, for this it is necessary:

Only after receiving mutual feedback from the seller and the buyer, the transaction is considered completed.

Good trading!

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